Enter the Red Zone

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A small group-training program for up to 12 women that helps you burn calories long after your workout.

Personal Training

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Red Zone's one-to-one training sessions allow you to tailor a fitness program to your exacting needs and timetable.

6 Week Transformation Challenge

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How about amazing visual results and feeling healthier in only 6 WEEKS? Are you up for a challenge?

Ignite Your Metabolism

The 14 Day FAT FURNACE is designed to give your body an immediate KICK START into burning lots od body fat. It's not a quick fix weight loss solution (although you will lose fat).

A Concept Facility That Integrates Technology With Results Oriented Workouts.

Heart Rate Monitored Group And One On One Personal Training By Polar

RedZone Fitness Facility is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We have developed an environment that is welcoming and comforting. If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional fitness center, our facility is for you.

We aim to set ourselves apart from the traditional “gym type” atmosphere where you are anonymous and your success is not at the forefront of their priorities. We are the alternative to the Big Trendy Gym and focus on education and results oriented workouts and nutrition.

Our workout studio is divided into 2 rooms. One On One Personal Training For Men and Women and our newest program just for Women, RedZone Fitness Classes. Both programs implement Polar Heart Rate Technology.

Whether you are working One On One or in A Group, all sessions are scheduled.

Have A Weight Loss Goal?

We integrate Technology with the Science of Nutrition and Exercise.

graph_touched-300x210A key reason we guarantee satisfying results is our use of Heart Rate Monitored training for RedZone Fitness Classes and One On One Personal Training by Polar Heart Rate Technology, which means you’re pushed to train at an exertion level that’s safe and appropriate, yet challenging for you.

Applying this approach at RedZone Fitness ensures that you train to your potential every time and get the most from every minute you invest in your workout.

Also called interval training, exercising within prescribed heart-rate zones helps you burn more calories not only during class, but for hours afterwards.

You also improve your stamina, lose body fat and achieve a slimmer, more toned physique.  As you exercise during class, a tv screen in our studio charts your workouts so you can easily see whether to push harder or back off. Afterwards, an emailed workout report summarizes your performance.

No other fitness program so effectively turns proven, scientific training principles into such a fun, motivating and effective experience for you!

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