30 Day Challenge 2017


May 8, 2017

Pre -Measurements start on Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th

$50 Entrance Fee for rz clients.

Here at RedZone we want to challenge you for 30 Days so you can implement more consistency in your exercise and supportive nutrition plan but also give you the chance to win $1000 and the challenge for both of our locations starts soon.

There are 52 Weeks in a Year and we want to empower you for 30 Days for you to GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT so you can feel and see tangible results in as little as 30 Days.

From there you'll witness first hand the power of Supportive Nutrition, Results Oriented Exercise, Consistency and a No Fail Attitude.

We make it so easy by providing a live seminar, easy to understand nutrition guide, meal plans, grocery lists and fun redzone classes for women.

Not a redzone FITNESS Client?

We have a 30 DAY Challenge Package for $269.

  • 1 month of heart rate monitored group personal training classes for women.
  • Workshop on Supportive Nutrition.
  • 2 INBODY Tests (Before and after body composition evaluation).
  • Supportive Nutrition Guide and Great Snack Ideas Guide.
  • Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Pod/Band. *Newest Polar Heart Rate.
  • Entrance Fee.

Note: All clients participating must be on a rz package.

 The 30 Day Challenge prize:

  • Overall Winner in Coral Gables receives $1000.
  • Overall Winner in Pinecrest receives $1000.

Wealth and weight loss. What more incentive do you need?

Of course, anyone improving their health and fitness is a winner.

How do you win?

The participant who shows the greatest improvement over the course 30 Days: measured by weight loss, weight loss percentage, reduction of girth measurements, loss of body fat, dress/pant sizes and the most changes in before and after pictures walks away with the BIG PRIZE: $1000!

Note: Previous Winners of our 8 Week Challenge in the past 2 years cannot participate.

How To Join?

  • Fill out the pre-registration form below. We will be sending an email and a link to all pre- registered participants for the $50 entrance fee which includes the comprehensive *INBODY Test. You receive 2 Body Composition Tests before the challenge and after the challenge. Click here to learn more about The INBODY Test.
  • Participants must be on a RedZone Package.
  • For clients that are not currently part of redzone and would love to participate we offer the 30 Day Challenge Package. *No Contracts.




View all important steps to take prior to completing your InBody Test here

Weigh In, Measurements and Before Pictures:
Saturday May 6, Sunday May 7 and May 8th.


  • In Pinecrest on Saturday, May 6 From 11:30am to 12:15pm, we will go over the nutrition guide and discuss the nutritional strategies and concepts that need to be implemented.

Pre Measurements in Pinecrest for Saturday will start at 8:00AM to 11:00AM . If you cannot make it on Saturday, you can pre-measure on Friday and Monday. Please email us at redzoneglenn@gmail.com if you cannot make it in Pinecrest Saturday.


  • In Coral Gables for pre-measurements on Saturday will start at 8am to 10AM. Pre Measurements in Coral Gables for Sunday will start at 8:00AM to 9:45AM and resume from 11:00AM to 11:30am. Remember we discuss the nutritional component at 10am. Sunday from 10am to 11am we will go over the nutrition guide and discuss the nutritional strategies and concepts that need to be implemented.

If you cannot make it on Sunday, you can pre-measure on Friday and Monday. Please email us at redzoneluis@gmail.com if you cannot make it in Gables on Sunday.

During the 30 Day Challenge these components must be combined:IMG_2282

Supportive Nutrition: Bottom line is your nutrition has to be in order for the rest to work. You will learn the concept of eating nutrient dense foods every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. We have a detailed fat loss nutrition plan to get the fat falling off you for 8 weeks straight.

Resistance Training: We implement a calorie burning workout with our state-of-the-art metabolic strength training program. It involves circuit / interval style training geared towards maximum fat loss and strengthening. The effect is a workout that elevates metabolism during the workout and hours after. We apply these workouts in our RedZone FITNESS (Group Training For Women). These workouts accommodate all fitness levels.

Cardio Training: Most is boring and ineffective. But by changing variables such as intensity and duration and introducing intervals we have made it fun and quick.

Special Ingredient: An amazing intense desire to accomplish goals in 30 Days

We recommend no less than 3 days of RedZone Classes a week.

  • Good- 12 classes in 30 Days.
  • Awesome-16 to 20 classes in 30 Days
  • Totally Awesome-24 to 28 classes in 30 Days.

On days you are not performing RedZone classes we recommend finding alternative workout choices.

  • Cardio Training on Machines
  • Jogging/Fast Pace Walking Outside
  • Biking

Who Is This Challenge Right For?

  • You, If You Want To Learn How to Drop Weight Fast (and keep it off)
  • You, If You Have Been Putting Off Feeling & Looking The Way They Deserve
  • You, If You Have A Busy Schedule (we have classes that fit your busy schedule)
  • You, If You Have 8 to 12 pounds To Lose .
  • You, If You Have 1-2 Inches To Lose From Your Belly
  • You, If You Want More Energy, More Strength & More Confidence
  • You, If You Want To Look Better in the Mirror and in Photos
  • You, If You Want Your Clothes to Fit Again
  • You, If You Are Committed to Getting Results In 2017

Pre Registration - 30 Day Challenge