8 Week Transformation Challenge Results 2015

Charlene Roomes- $2000 Winner of our 8 Week Transformation Challenge

Body Weight Before 239 pounds. After 8 Weeks  205 pounds

Girth Measurements:

Belly Region: Before 40 inches After - 36 Inches

Hips: Before 53 inches/  After- 49 inches

Mid Thigh: Before 27  After- 25 inches

Body Fat Percentage

Before: 45 Percent

After: 39%

"I first heard about RedZone Fitness from a friend, so I decided to check it out.  I signed up for the free trial workout and soon realized how much I loved the class.  The three things that I loved about the class were that (1) membership is strictly limited to just women, so I was very comfortable working out; (2) the class size was no more than 21 women per class so everyone got more individualized attention; and (3) the heart rate monitor let me know if I was working out optimally or if I needed to step it up and work out harder. 

Although I am a member of a gym, I was hardly going but still paying my monthly membership dues.  I needed to try something different to get me back into a workout routine, so that’s when I decided to join RedZone. 

After I made the decision to join RedZone, I went to the nutritional seminar and read the nutrition guide. Both the seminar and the guide provided me the tools to know what types of foods to eat and the optimal timing to consume complex carbohydrates, depending if I workout in the morning or evening.

I worked out at RedZone an average of 4-5 days per week.  There were days that I worked out twice a day.  In the morning I’d take classes at RedZone, and in the evening I’d either take a spinning or step class or go on the elliptical at the gym.  The weeks that I traveled out of town for work, I might have only worked out 1-2 days at RedZone.  However, I continued to work out at the hotel’s gym and monitor what I ate. 

What really motivated me to continue at RedZone is the structure of the classes.  There was never a day I’d go to the class and the workout was the same.  The classes focused on cardio and strength training, which I loved.  Another motivating factor is that all of the trainers encouraged me during my workout sessions.  Each of the trainers new me by name, and I appreciated the encouragement as it helped me push harder during my workout sessions.

With my change in diet and being more active, I’ve lost some weight and have noticed my clothes fitting a lot better.  I’ve actually been able to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time.   

This has really motivated me to continue working out at RedZone and continue my health and fitness journey." Charlene Roomes

Claudia de los Rios is our Runner Up and receives $500.00

Body Weight Before 144 pounds. After 8 Weeks  130 pounds

Girth Measurements:

Belly Region: Before 29 inches After - 26 Inches

Hips: Before 41 inches/  After- 39 inches

Body Fat Percentage

Before: 35%

After: 30%