Why Does redzone FITNESS Exist?

redzone FITNESS was created to empower women who are seeking a more fit life but who can't find the help and support they need to be successful in a traditional mainstream big box gym. We are here to provide leadership to the women in our area who struggle with their health and fitness and who cannot find the answers they need to be successful in typical fitness facilities.

"redzone FITNESS Facility is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.We have developed an environment that is welcoming and comforting for women who are seeking to obtain life changing results in a facility that they could call home, but who can't find the help and support they need to be successful in a traditional mainstream gym. We opened redzone FITNESS with a vision to change the way fitness was done. We aim to set ourselves apart from the traditional “gym type” atmosphere where you are anonymous and your success is not at the forefront of their priorities." Owners Glenn Greer and Luis Behar.

Our Journey With You.

We want to welcome you to our new Special Journey together. The time we spend with each other is all part of a “process.” It is a process we’ll experience together.

  • redzone FITNESS cares that you receive the education and tools you need to help you reach whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.
  • redzone FITNESS cares about your expectations. This will be a continual conversation. In over 12 years of helping people achieve their goals, almost 100% start out with unrealistic expectations. We shall embark on our Special Journey one step at a time with very real achievable goals that are specific to you.
  • We care about motivating you and helping you to make the right decisions about food, activity, lifestyle and how it all affects your body (and your mind, too!).
  • We care about your effort and participation. This Special Journey we are on together requires effort and participation from both of us — equally. If one of us fails the journey will end quickly. Think of a row boat with only one oar rowing!
  • We care about never letting you down in terms of validation, motivation, education and always being there if, and when, you need us. You already have our email address, phone number. Here they are again ( email ) (phone ).
  • We will email you at least 1 to 2 times a week with motivational and inspirational tips. This is not spam. You might think this is silly or even overkill. But it’s not. In our experience for over 12 years, this type of positive reinforcement is useful “mind programming” that will help us along our Special Journey together.

At the end of our Special Journey together, the results will be whatever they are. The fact is, no two people get the exact same results. There are way too many variables to think of results as some sort of score card. So, why stress over it?

Here’s what’s most important.

At the end of this Special Journey you will have knowledge. You will have tools. You will have confidence. You will have absolutely everything you need should you decide to continue on your own. Or, perhaps start a similar journey with someone special in your life…

We look forward to our first steps together…

redzone FITNESS Owners Glenn Greer, Luis Behar and Staff

Mission Statement

This facility exists for one reason, and that is to constantly challenge and lead our participants to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. We have an obligation to our participants to provide a safe environment and to help as many as we can reach their goals and beyond.

redzone FITNESS mission is optimal health now and for your future. Our team consists of professional caring, dedicated, motivating, positive and friendly staff who are capable of helping you achieve the ability to efficiently move through your daily living tasks as well as fulfill your ultimate fitness quest. As personal trainers and group instructors, we have taken the initiative to become certified at the highest level possible as NASM, ACE, NSCA Personal Trainers in order to be of service to every individual at every level of fitness. redzone FITNESS is dedicated to helping the entire spectrum of those who need encouragement and guidance on their path to achieving their personal goals

Our philosophy

Life Is The Ultimate Journey...Put Your Heart Into It!

The redzone FITNESS Philosophy is about putting all your effort and your intense desire into your health.

Life is the ultimate journey and it presents us many different Zones. We have easy days as symbolized by light gray and light blue days and we have hard days symbolized by RED and PURPLE. Different colors symbolize your effort and it's how you approach the zones of life that can make the difference.

We sometimes become too comfortable where we are at. Getting to the RED is about being/getting out of your comfort zone. In exercise we know you cannot sustain that level of intensity, but if you work hard towards it consistently, persistently....it becomes easier. Isn't that a life lesson?

It's how we show up in life that determines the result through our constant actions.

When you learn to tap into the RedZone, you are creating your power. Some people in life choose the path of least resistance. Some of us choose the 'road less traveled'. Some of us walk at a slow, stable pace and some of run at an amazing intensity.

However paths we choose, I believe we are all trying to get into the highest of zones, RED. We want to feel great, look great, be healthy and happy. -Co-Owner Glenn Greer.

RedZone is not simply about push-ups and pumping iron as we place an important emphasis on education and implement a synergistic approach to help participants achieve the results they desire, and enjoy their healthy new lifestyles. Our programs can conform to you. We know how to 'Listen To Your Body'.

  • We provide leadership and guidance in fitness through training.
  • Every client is treated as equals. We never prejudge potential by the current condition of the client.
  • Integration of Supportive Nutrition, Cardio Intervals and Resistance Training rules. These 3 components combined is the foundation for success in this facility
  • You can’t out train a bad diet. We do not believe in diets, we believe in seeking a healthier life through better food choices.
  • Never to failure, but always to challenge.
  • Increase resistance in a progressive manner so the body is constantly challenged.
  • We are going to take any misinformation and false beliefs and provide the fitness truth.

History and Future

redzone FITNESS Facility was formerly known as Gables Fitness and we have been serving the Coral Gables for over 12 years and are proud to announce our 2nd location in Pinecrest (the mall where Whole Foods is) coming soon.

Owners and Professional Trainers, Glenn Greer and Luis Behar were tired of operating their workout concepts and exercise protocols in Typical Big Trendy Gyms. They wanted to open up a small, personable fitness studio that would house their training techniques, the equipment they wanted as trainers and create an atmosphere where no client would feel uncomfortable.

In 2003 they opened up their first fitness facility right on 114 Aragon Ave. Within one year, they needed to expand and set their sights on a larger facility that would house their concept along with innovative group class programming. Over the years, they went from a 1000sq.ft facility to a 3000sq.ft facility by taking over their neighbors studio spaces. They are not integrating technology based software from Polar and innovative training to produce amazing results for their clients.

"We wanted to provide a synergistic approach to optimal health using exercise and supportive nutrition and applying these concepts in a unique, friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. Our unique environment is motivating, uplifting, and comforting (in fact, our clients say it’s a“home away from home!"

Glenn Greer