Why Your Body Composition Isn’t Improving When You’re Doing Everything Right

Why Your Body Composition Isn’t Improving When You’re Doing Everything Right


I lift, do cardio, and eat clean-- but I can’t seem to build more muscle. 

I dropped a few pounds for the first few weeks, but nothing has changed since then.

How to Restore Body Composition After Pregnancy

How to Restore Body Composition After Pregnancy

Published on March 02, 2017 by Contributing Author

For most women, the first few months following childbirth means going through an emotional rollercoaster — it’s humbling, scary, exhausting, blissful, surreal, and relieving all at once.

31 Flavors of Protein Shakes

Protein is an essential macronutrient for building lean muscle mass and so there’s no disputing the fact that protein shakes are an important tool for fitness gains and fat loss.

Not only does a protein shake meal replacement take only a few minutes to prepare, it keeps you on point with your nutrition while making it easy to avoid unhealthy fast food alternatives for a quick meal.

Redzone FITNESS Finds Its Niche With South Florida Women

BEING “IN THE ZONE” IS ABOUT MORE THAN just a heart rate at Redzone Fitness. The South Florida-based women-only fitness studio (it has locations in both Coral Gables and Pinecrest with a third on the way) takes clients through anywhere from three-to-five fitness zones per class, but for owners Glenn Greer and Luis Behar it’s the community and personal relationships that they have built within their group training that truly encapsulates what they’re trying to accomplish on a daily basis.

Healthy Family Recipe Book

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One of the biggest problems for busy Moms (and Dads) who enroll in fitness, transformation, weight-management or lifestyle programs…  is their KIDS.

Kids simply DO NOT want to eat the same things that Moms and Dads need to eat as they transform lifestyles.