Personal Training FAQ

70-80% of people who start an exercise program drop out within the first two months. You’ve got to have a plan for success. It’s our job to motivate you to keep going. We want you to see your body change and your health improve. Then you will want to go on.
You will complete a Client Information questionnaire so your personal trainer can tailor a program for you taking into account your medical, and physical fitness history and lifestyle. The trainer can then help you set your goals and plan a way to meet them.
The first few sessions are the most important. This is when your personal trainer helps you lay a strong foundation that you can build upon.

We perform a fitness evaluation and suggest a weight loss goal that reduces body fat to a level where your blood sugar is stable, your blood pressure normalizes, your energy levels are stable and your metabolism is elevated.

If you are not concerned with fat loss, but want great workout, no problem. You’ll just pick the different program options to fit your budget and your life.
We use so many workout tools in our training, you will never get bored and you will see and feel the results of our focused workouts.
We typically work with clients that want to reduce body fat, lose weight, increase their strength, and develop a lean and toned physique. Our clients range from high school athletes focused on sports performance to middle age and men and women who want to improve their health.
We NEVER just 'give you a workout.' We are fitness professionals and pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service and helping our clients to get the best results possible. We also develop the lifestyle habits to ensure clients stay in shape and continue to improve.
All our programs include an initial testing and evaluation, resistance training and cardiovascular training program design, a review of flexibility, and coaching to work through the process – ensuring your success. There is a separate fee for nutritional counseling.
We teach a lot about nutrition in our programs, because eating to fuel the body (and your metabolism) is the greatest 'secret' to achieving maximum results from your fitness program. If you’ve not seen dramatic results from your efforts - we can help by focusing on the nutritional component in working with you.
Absolutely! You have free access to our complete line of cardio equipment. We always recommend cardio training right after your workouts with the trainer and to burn the calories.
By scheduling a consultation with us. We offer consultations by phone and in-person. Call our facility directly at 305-461-1090 to schedule your consultation today!