What is Personal Training

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Personal Training can be so many different things depending on the client – that’s what makes it personal! You can choose to workout with your trainer as often as four times per week, but most clients opt for two to three training sessions per week for maximum effectiveness. Note: Training Sessions must be supplemented with additional aerobic training and nutritional support. Too many people stay on the same program for an extended period of time and wonder why they’re no longer experiencing changes in their fitness level. Programming updates are very important to ensure ongoing progress. You can also choose to train for 30 minutes or 45 minute sessions depending on your time.

We make every attempt possible to customize a plan that is going to work within your schedule and budget and that will ensure success.

We can focus on fat loss, cardio-conditioning, muscle-conditioning, flexibility or a combination of all of these depending on your goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses. We really do strive to make our clients’ sessions as individualized as possible, effective and lots of fun!

Personal Training has become a very popular service with many people experiencing results, therefore, demonstrating its value. When you sign up with a trainer, you can expect regular education, support and guidance. Your trainer will hold you accountable – it’s nice to know you always have someone looking over your shoulder. Your trainer will provide safety, variety and efficiency and effectiveness.

Your first session with a trainer is critical to helping you set up a foundation for success. Seven out of ten people start an exercise program but then within two to three months they have dropped out. This high drop-out rate is often due to the fact that the individual has not spent any time establishing the right program for them based on their history, goals, individual needs and lifestyle. Our trainers spend a good portion of the first session talking with their new client to determine which type of program is going to help them stay motivated so they are consistent enough to progress, experience results and succeed. We educate our clients on a synergistic approach that must incorporate:

  1. Supportive Nutrition - Eating healthy, portion meals every 3 to 3 1/2 hours to stimulate metabolism, provide energy for exercise performance and provide optimum nutrients on a daily basis.
  2. Progressive Resistance Training - Using workout tools and methods to stimulate the muscles and cardiovascular system to alter body composition.
  3. Progressive Cardio Training - Improving the cardiovascular system to increase heart and lung capacity and help the transfer of oxygen to the body is the last final component to alter the body composition and have the body work at optimal levels.

For more on workout philosophy that redzone FITNESS implements, click here.

We have helped so many different clients over the years from beginners, elderly individuals, people experiencing back, neck, knee and shoulder problems, mountain climbers, competitive skiers and boarders, competitive basketball athletes, wheelchair athletes, triathletes, runners, cyclists, pre/post natal, obese clients, diabetic individuals, osteoporotic individuals and many more. We are completely confident that regardless of your special considerations, we will be able to help you achieve a higher level of health and fitness. We are ready to help YOU on your journey. Contact us!

Is Personal Training for you?

Did you know… that IDEA, the International Health and Fitness Assocation, released a statistic that found 75% of people who exercise are not getting the results they want? But out of the 25% of people who are getting results, 90% of them are working with a Personal Trainer.

Personal Training gets results and that’s why anyone can benefit from this personal attention! Personal Training is no longer reserved for Hollywood stars and the “rich and famous”! Answer these questions to determine if you would benefit from working with a Personal Trainer.

Are you just getting started with your fitness goals?

The thought of entering an exercise facility and starting an exercise program without any assistance can be intimidating. Trying to teach yourself how to use all the equipment can be so confusing. Your trainer will teach you how to exercise correctly and safely. Your trainer will provide you with enough guidance, motivation and education to ensure you establish healthy and effective exercise patterns right from the beginning.

Not getting results?

It’s common to feel like the amount of effort you’re putting in is not matching the reward. Your personal trainer will change your program and show you how to get results more effectively and in less time. Your trainer will provide you with a brand new exercise regime that will take you to a higher level of fitness and health. Your personal trainer will make the difference between a great workout and a “ho-hum one” – or even no workout at all!

Having difficulty sticking to your program?

You’re not alone. Eighty percent of people discontinue their exercise program after 2-3 months. But this time, things are going to be different. Your Personal Trainer will help you adhere to your program consistently. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer, you make a commitment to yourself – a commitment that your trainer won’t let you break!

Are you an athlete or a weekend warrior?

Many people dream of the challenge of completing an athletic event. With your own personal coach, that dream becomes a reality. Whether you are training for a 5 or 10 km fun run, a half or full marathon, a triathlon, skiing, a grueling hike or just training to improve your golf or tennis game, your trainer will provide you with a plan for success.

Suffering from an injury?

An injury can really set you back. You have the choice of doing nothing or taking an active role in feeling better. Your trainer will work with you and your health care professional to develop a safe rehabilitation program. Your trainer will assist you on your road to recovery.