Workout Philosophy

30 Minutes of Full Body Workouts that strengthen your Muscles and Burn Fat.

Workout Philosophy

Lack of time is the number one reason people state for not exercising. But, what if it took half the time you thought it would or less? What if the results you got from it were noticeable so fast, it became naturally motivating to continue?

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness field we believe, If you can get more results with less time and hassle, you will want to do it and continue doing it. And, therefore, continue getting the benefits.

We have found much better results with 30 minutes sessions when a program is structured around results. The FITT (Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type) principle lays down the foundation of a minimum weekly schedule of exercise. Beyond that, exercising harder, longer, and more often does not produce much better progress, in spite of the human tendency to do more exercise more often when it isn’t working. The real key is progressing your fitness level over a timeline and passing the baton to different phases of training as your fitness level evolves. This is what dramatically accelerates progress without working out harder or longer.

Getting results in 30 requires a special program structure. redzone FITNESS Facility is designed specially to facilitate this training, as it won’t normally work in a commercial fitness center. It takes a special studio design and program flow to use the strength-aerobic circuit program that makes a half hour workout create benefits in strength, aerobic condition, and flexibility. The goal-focused coaching of the trainer makes for the intensity level and progression that nets the promised results.

Our workout techniques and the tools we use in our training- is incredibly time-efficient: it gives you muscle tone, aerobic fitness, and flexibility in only two to three, 30 minute sessions per week. The program depends on several factors-

  1. A strength-aerobic circuit format
  2. A razor-sharp performance goal focus
  3. Mastery of the biomechanics of exercise
  4. Utilizing the principle of economy of effor

The Strength-Aerobic Fitness Format

  1. Strength training, by itself, cannot produce much aerobic benefit. To get an improvement in aerobic condition, you have to teach your body to use more oxygen. When you are more aerobically fit, your body is a better oxygen pump. To consume a lot of oxygen you have to use your largest muscle groups (hips and thighs in particular) rhythmically. Pure strength training does not do this well on its own because a muscle cannot get the blood (which carries the oxygen) in and out well when it is contracting forcefully. Also, the smaller muscle groups, like shoulders and arms, just cannot use very much oxygen because they do not have the muscle volume of the larger lower body muscles groups.
  2. Fixed movement machine are inferior to free weights in most cases. Free weights produce superior results to machines because they allow your body to move through the path of motion that is most natural to you (rather than having it imposed by a machine) and the neuromuscular coordination you build by balancing and controlling the weight is a major factor in your progress.

The redzone FITNESS Aerobic Workouts and Prescriptions solves those two problems by involving aerobic stations (such as the elliptical machine, recumbent bicycle and treadmills) that involve a high level of oxygen consumption and by using free weights when possible for the improved strength progress they facilitate. This gives the optimum balance of strength and aerobic training in the minimum time.

Our personalized cardio prescription provides individuals, based upon their fitness levels, a proposed number of cardio days either after the workout or days when they are away from their trainer. We teach you aerobic intensity to maximize your results. You cardio prescription will include: The amount of days, the duration and the intensity of your chosen aerobic activity.

The Performance Goal Focus

Overload is the key thing most people miss in exercise. If you keep doing the same level of work, your body adapts to it and quits changing.

Same resistance + same reps + same routine = No Results

To get the most out of a 30 to 60 minute workouts, you have to use the principle of specific overload: progressively increasing the level of work on both your strength and aerobic exercises. Our trainers facilitate this special dimension in your workout. Every key exercise is guided upwards in level (either weight, repetitions, or level of work) over time as your fitness level progresses. By consistently guiding you to small performance increases, we get faster results in less time.
The Biomechanics of Form

A lot of exercisers leave results on the table because their form is not correct. Often, a simple change in body position, motion path, or rhythm will make all the difference. In most commercial health clubs, people only get a very simple and basic familiarization with exercise form. Or, worse, they copy the form of others around them who never learned it properly in the first place!

In order to get the most out of an exercise, you must make second nature the correct body position, motion path, movement rhythm, and breathing pattern. . . so that you can focus on progression and performance increases. Having the one-on-one attention of our well credentialed trainers gives you the feedback necessary to optimize form.

What workout Tools do we use?

We use so many workout tools in our training, you will never get bored.

We use many methods and protocols to keep the workouts challenging so you can achieve the goals you desire.