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With a maximum of 21 women in a class to ensure the highest levels of attention that you deserve

Heart rate monitored workouts

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With beats per minute, calories burned, percentage of heart rate max and intensity zones, you can train to your potential every time and get the most from every minute of your workout. Achieve a slimmer, more toned physique faster without the risk of injuries.


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"redzone FITNESS is awesome. Great combination of cardio and weight routine. Great environment, new equipment, everything is clean and they even provide towels if you forget your own. Love it!"

- Yuni M.

"I have been a client for many years. the Red Zone classes suit all fitness levels. Classes are fun and new routines are added so boredom is not a factor. Non intimidating environment. I highly recommend trying it, you will get hooked."

- Julie G.

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Workout with confidence

Under the supervision of our experienced trainers

Women of all different fitness levels workout under the supervision of a trainer. This is so we can monitor all the different ages and fitness levels. RedZone is not a big-box gym where members often walk in anytime and exercise as they please, classes at RedZone are scheduled. Reservations are required for all Group Training Sessions at RedZone. We pride ourselves on being the only facility in the area providing group training for women only and providing adequate space to ensure a high quality of training and safety.


redzone FITNESS Classes are energizing, heart rate monitored group training For Women Only, supervised by a fitness expert for proper form and motivation.

Our group training is a body changing workout in a non-intimidating environment that combines the power of full body workouts and cardio training that torches calories with the energy, camaraderie and fun of playing in a group.

The end results…Whatever you want to do in life, group training will help you do it quicker, better and longer.

What's our secret?

Membership at RedZone facility is strictly limited to 300 women. Once our facility is out of spots, we are forced to create an ongoing waiting list.

We do this to ensure the highest levels of personal attention from RedZone coaches and support from management.

Our fitness studio is welcoming and a non-intimidating environment conducive to success. A team of fitness experts led by Co-Owners Glenn Greer and Luis Behar who have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and in the same location for over 12 years, create an exercise experience that is challenging, unique, personal, energetic and fun.

redzone FITNESS classes facilitate cardio machines, rowers, free weights, resistance bands, battle ropes and dozens of other fitness tools and provides a workout structure, developed by fitness experts using scientific principles to maximize calorie burn, get you stronger and help you achieve the goals you desire.

Our instructors expertly modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternative moves that vary in intensity, providing everyone a challenging yet attainable RedZone experience. These workouts are not magic; they are well informed and deliberately crafted sequences of highly effective exercises that require maximum effort in exchange for noticeable results.

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