Our Approach

redzone FITNESS Classes are arranged to work with every fitness level. From beginner to advance, we get it. It will take a couple of classes to grasp our workout concept and feel right at home. You'll be right on your way to achieve the results you desire.

Worried you’re NOT FIT ENOUGH? To that we say “No, you’re not!” “we think not, please come in and see”. redzone FITNESS classes are set up for women of all fitness levels We love beginners to advance. You don’t need to try keep up with anyone else. Just do your best work to at your own comfort levels and your own edge - it’s not a competition. Be ready to sweat a little or maybe a lot,follow your trainers guidance and you’ll experience the most enjoyable and beneficial 50 minutes of your life, And and you can't leave because we lock all the doors! Just Kidding..

Keep in mind that everyone has had their first redzone FITNESS class at some point, even those people who make it look so effortless. They make it look easy because they persevered - and so can you!

Safe, Proven Training Principles For Body-Changing Results.

Our results oriented fitness program attracts fitness enthusiasts and newbies. It is important to us to help the beginners enjoy the experience so they can become experienced exercise enthusiasts in the shortest amount of time possible.

How do we do this? We make our classes accessible to individuals of all skill levels. Sure some participants may like pushing themselves to their limits, but we know how to scale the workouts so they are appealing to participants of all skill levels.

redzone coaches demo different levels of an exercise. We show the easiest version and then offer a more advanced progression to participants on an individual basis. This means walking around and engaging our clients instead of simply doing the workout and expecting them to follow along.

We encourage clients to go at their own pace and not try to compete with the people around them.Besides using the Polar Heart Rate Monitoring System, we encourage participants to listen to their bodies and go at their own pace.

We encourage all participants especially newcomers to take a break if they feel the need to catch their breath or rest but encourage them to finish up the workouts

Our Approach Is To Help You with the results you desire.

Maybe you need more motivation. Maybe you need more accountability. Maybe you need more know-how.

Or maybe you need to get out of pain. Or get stronger, lose fat and inches, and feel better. Or you need to decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol, and burn off stress.Or you need to improve your flexibility and improve the functioning of your body.

We would love to help you.