redzone FITNESS terms and conditions were developed to ensure that our customers are using our facilities and services with due regard to their rights and the rights of other users, and in conformity with the requirements of RedZone Fitness procedures, rules, regulations, and requirements. Any participants who continually disrupt instructors and/or participants will be asked to leave.

Payment Policies: Our packages are month to month with no contracts. Both our Unlimited Classes and our 8 Pack just require a 15 day cancellation notice. Both packages are charged automatically charged monthly and require a debit/credit card on file.

Please note that we do not provide Vacation Freezes for any of our Packages. We do provide a Medical Freeze and require a notice from a Doctor to freeze your account.

Comfort Zone Month to Month for $139 or 8 Pack Month to Month for $109

If you’re on the Comfort Zone Unlimited Package or the 8 Pack, you are charged monthly until you decide to cancel your plan. Please provide us a 15 Day or more notice so we can suspend billing. Please email us at redzoneglenn@gmail.com /redzoneluis@gmail.com or give us a call at 305-461-1090 Gables or 305-971-8212. We require you fill out a short cancellation form to make sure we take care of your request.
• If you have been charged and have not cancelled your package with a 15 day or more notice, redzone FITNESS will not provide a refund, but a 1 year credit on the recent package that was billed.

10 Pack for $179

The 10 Pack RedZone Package For $179 packages is valid for one year from the first class attended.

Reserving your sessions. Canceling Your Sessions. No Shows and timeliness

Due to the amount of clients that participate in RedZone Classes,we use an amazing scheduling/booking online reservation called MINDBODY. This allows us to do what we do best. Service our clients that are at our studio participating in our programming. If you need to cancel a class, please cancel 5 or more hours through our online scheduling system to avoid a 5.00 fee. If you do not have internet access, then call us at 305-461-1090.You can leave a message.

  • We ask that you pay, reserve, book and or cancel your sessions through the Mindbody APP on your smart phone or on your computer.
  • All participants must schedule their sessions through our online MindBody Reservation System at least 5 to 24 hours in advance. May be done through the APP or on Computer.
  • Any booked classes you need to cancel, please cancel 5 hours or more so so other participants on the wait list  can take your spot.

Cancellations/No Shows: Please note: Since this program has a limited number of places, scheduling helps us to know if the class is at capacity. Canceling 5 hours or more also allows us to call, text or email a participant who is on the waiting list. Knowing the capacity level of each class also helps us to introduce this program to prospects/friends who want to give this workout a try out.

  • On all RedZone packages, if you schedule a class and do not cancel at least 5 hours or more before the start of the class, a  fee of $5.00 will be applied.
  • No Show: If you miss a class that you do not cancel, you will be charged a $5 no-show fee.
  • Please avoid double booking classes even if you are unsure of which class you can attend. This affects the space available to a participant or if a participant is on a waiting list.
  • If you need to cancel a class and can make another class that same day, just cancel on your App and reschedule for that class. Or give us a call at 305-461-1090 Coral Gables or 305-971-8212 Pinecrest location.
  • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier with your Polar Pod or Watch on so you are ready.

Timeliness: Please notify the studio if you are running late. We will release your reservation if you are not present a minimum 10 minutes before the class time.

  • If you have not scheduled your class and show up for a RedZone Class we may accommodate you if class is not filled to capacity.

Free Trials And Special Promotions:

  • Free trial participants who are booked for their FREE TRIAL OFFER and do not show up without any notice, will be offered one more FREE TRIAL CLASS. If a participant does not show up a 2nd time for their scheduled FREE TRIAL WORKOUT, a walk in fee will need to be paid to book your Red Zone Class. If you decide to purchase a package, we can apply the walk in fee to your package.
  • Participants who are attending through special promotions must schedule/cancel their classes out of respect for the current participants and for the success of our program.
  • During Promotions any participants who have booked their class and were absent will be deducted a class from their package. If you cancel 5 hours before the start of class, you will not lose the session.
  • Promotions are a one time purchase for new guests only and are a way for them to experience the workout.

Multipass: For clients interested in participating at both of our locations, we offer the Mulitpass for only $20.00 additional to your Unlimited Package. *Clients must be on our Unlimited Package. We will build your account for the 2nd location so you can easily schedule between both locations.