redzone FITNESS Video Gallery

We love posting videos almost every day so you can view exactly what we do. we just updated our equipment and our redzone room has a new look. we will be updating the videos very soon.

Workouts have gotten so intense and so extreme! RedZone has created workouts for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. We have trained girls as young as 14 and girls as young as 66 years old.

  • Can't do push-ups? We have resistance band presses.
  • Can't do lunges? We have modified exercises that will benefit the same muscles that are used for lunges. Our exercise are approachable, effective and beneficial.

We offer workouts that are achievable and easily approachable.

Our group training combines the power of full body workouts that burns calories with the energy, camaraderie and fun of playing in a group. The end results....Whatever you want to do in life, group training will help you do it quicker, better and longer.