The Sessions

Extensive science and research validate that total body workouts, with intervals of High Intensity Training (HIT) that include both resistance and cardio for all fitness levels, are the most effective. Cardio Strength Training works because burning fat requires oxygen, and the more oxygen gets inside your body, the more fat your body burns. Our workout  increases your body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery.

The RedZone Session


Our workouts include...

Our unique format provides three to five workout zones, scripted and supervised by your trainer. Each workout zone provides a unique format of cardio intervals and strength training exercises. We integrate cardio interval training with blocks or circuits of exercises in every class, in order to deliver optimal results. Because our exercises challenge your fitness level, you can go as fast or as slow as you want to until your repetition scheme is over. This means that those who aren’t yet in great shape can rest if they need to - without feeling like they’re holding up the group.If you can't perform an exercise, we will modify the exercise and provide you an alternative.


All-out cardio intervals

These push your heart rate from 80% to 95% performance, followed by active recovery. You can choose from a power walk, jog, run, or sprint.


Functional training

Focusing on foundational movements like squatting, pressing, jumping, pulling and lunging trains your body for life’s daily activities.


Strength training

Building muscle and eliciting hormonal responses makes carbohydrate processing more efficient and helps stave off osteoporosis.


Total body focus

Exercises that target the whole body help to engage multiple muscle groups, resulting in greater muscle activity and more calories burned.


Varied exercises

We deliver a different RedZone experience each day, which prevents your body from plateauing and your progress from stalling.