Weight Loss Systems

Body Transformations Through Effective Results Based Fitness Programming and Supportive Nutrition at redzone FITNESS.

If weight loss is an important goal, there are nutritional strategies and concepts that must be integrated into our science based exercise program.

redzone FITNESS integrates four components that must be present in any result oriented fitness or body transformation program.

  1. Resistance Training to preserve lean muscle tissue and increase metabolism.
  2. Progressive Cardio Training to burn calories and improve the cardiovascular system
  3. Supportive Nutrition probably the most confusing. Click here to learn more about the nutrition component.
  4. Accountability to help you stay on track.

Weight Loss Program - Coral Gables, FL

Your journey begins on Transformation Launch Week.

Your Transformation Launch Week includes basic measurements such as body weight, body composition, girth measurements and we record your current dress/pant sizes. Taking before pictures is recommended but optional.

These basic benchmarks allow us to measure your progress every 2 to 4 weeks. You'll learn concepts and strategies just like our clients who have transformed their bodies.

We emphasize Education at redzone FITNESS and participants receive:

bok cover


  • Supportive Nutrition Guide Book based upon the latest in Nutritional Science. Inside of the guide book you receive a supportive food list and templates of sample menus.
  • Seminar. Learn exactly what to eat for energy and fat loss.




Structure * Simplicity* Optimal Nutrition* Convenience

If weight loss is a goal, you cannot achieve results without a structured nutrition program and redzone FITNESS experts combine results oriented exercise programming with Nutritional Science  to help you to achieve these results safely and more efficiently.

Here is what you will achieve with our weight loss programs.

  • If fat loss is a goal, you’ll have noticeably less fat.
  • Increase energy.
  • Daily tasks and challenges will be met with greater ease.
  • Endurance and stamina will increase dramatically.
  • You’ll notice more firmness, tone, and definition.
  • Best of all . . . you’ll know precisely how to keep progress consistent and ongoing!

Click Here To Learn More About Nutrition The RedZone Way.